Tree Surgeon in Sheffield

Are you looking for a tree surgeon near you, that is qualified, polite and professional? If you are, my family run business could be the nearest tree surgeons to you.

My team and I are fully insured, fully qualified and members of the arboricultural association. We offer a wide range of tree work, from tree felling, tree stump removal, stump grinding and the removal of dangerous trees. If you have a job relating to trees then please, call us now.




Why or When is Tree Surgery Required?

If trees are left alone their health can suffer through storm damage or disease. When trees are allowed to grow uncontrolled they can very quickly become dangerous trees. By law, they are not allowed to get within 2 meters of a building.

Also, tree roots can cause subsidence. Listed above are some very good reasons why tree surgery is required as part of your garden maintenance.

Reading a homeowner review or several will give you a good understanding if a tree surgery business will provide a reliable service, so please do your research.




Pruning Trees- When Should You Do It?

You need to be careful when you decide to prune your trees as part of your garden maintenance plan. There are a number of laws within the UK that protect them and their residents. We highly recommend you familiarise yourself with the following laws, to protect yourself from prosecution from the Local Authority.

Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

The purpose of the TPO is to protect trees that have significant value within their area. A TPO is administered by your local authority and you require written permission from them before you start work on your trees. The liaising with local authorities is a process all professional tree surgeons are used to.

Conservation Areas

Do you live in a Conservation Area? If you do then this law will apply to you and will be a question that any tree surgeon should ask you when drafting a quote.

Any tree within a conservation area with a 7.5cm diameter stem at the height of 1.5m will require written permission from the local planning authority. This includes trees that were planted by you, so please be careful. So, before you carry out any tree work, please make sure you have written permission from your Local Authority.

Restricted Covenants

Restrictive covenants are written agreements between two people. Commonly the builder – homeowner or land purchaser – landowner.

It applies to the building/land but not the person. It still applies long after the original builder/homeowner has moved.

It places restrictions on the removal/alteration of effects within the land/ property, including trees and hedges.

Therefore, you may need to make sure you have permission before carrying out work on trees and hedges.

But Why Hire a Professional, Qualified Tree Surgeon?

Arborists have to be professionally qualified and insured to over £15 million in public liability insurance. They have many years of experience in tree felling, crown reduction, assessing tree health and dealing with local authorities. So, we highly recommend you hire one to help with your property maintenance.




Local Tree Surgeons Services – Including Tree Felling

As your local tree surgeons, we and others offer a variety of tree services and here are the most common ones:

  1. Crown Lifting

  2. Crown Reduction

  3. Commercial Tree removal and Tree planting

  4. Stump Grinding or removal

  5. Tree Removal

  6. Tree Felling

  7. Hedge Trimming

  8. Hedge Cutting

  9. General Tree Care




If there is a tree service you require and it’s not listed above, please get in contact as we could just not listed it by accident. However, please be aware, we do not do general garden maintenance or operate in the London Area.

What do Our Clients Say About Our Work?

As professional arborists, we have accumulated hundreds of ratings/reviews from both commercial and residential clients. With 10 years of experience, we know what we are doing. You can view our ratings on Google, Yell and Trust A Trader. As you can see we are highly recommended.




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a good tree surgeon?

As with all tradesman, you can find a tree surgeon on the internet via a search engine such as Google. By looking at their job ratings or by reading a homeowner review you can quickly find a professional tree surgeon who will provide a reliable service. Get a few job quotes before selecting a tree surgeon.

Please, make sure they have public liability insurance before they start work on your trees.

How much do tree surgeons charge in the UK?

Sadly, this is a hard question to answer because it depends on what work is required doing. However, if you are able to give. description over the phone, by email or by the website contact form

What is the difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist?

There is a lot of commonality between a tree surgeon and an arborist but there are a few key differences.

The difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist will be the main focus of their work.

A tree surgeon will concentrate on

  • Emergency tree care

  • Stump grinding

  • Felling, pruning and clearance of trees

  • Site clearance

The responsibility of an arborist includes

  • Treating trees for damaged caused by poor environmental conditions

  • Carrying out professional tree inspections

  • Providing appropriate management advice.

What is an expert in trees called?

A tree surgeon or arborist.

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