Whilst walking the streets and parks of Sheffield during the winter, you may have noticed some trees with an unusual appearance. The lower branches are extremely thick, often with a curious bulbous end, with many thin twig-like branches growing vertically from the ends. This method of pruning a tree is called pollarding.

Pollarding is a method of tree management where the main leading stem of a young tree is removed to encourage regrowth. The regrowth that then occurs can be regularly removed (re-pollarding) back to the same point (the pollard head).

Why is Pollarding required ?

In towns and cities, it is first and foremost ornamental – it looks neat and keeps trees at or below a specific height. In the photo above, you can see that the trees, if left to grow un-pollarded, will soon block out the light from the upper floor flats as well as the ground floor. There are also benefits for the tree and for safety.

Pollarding creates a dense canopy of vigorous new growth which looks attractive and creates less shade. Since the leaf-carrying branches are thin, there is less crown weight and therefore less wind resistance and of course less to fall on the heads of passers by! The act of pollarding a tree also is said to increase its lifespan as it keeps the tree in a partially young state.

Pollarding Contractors in Sheffield

Pollarding a tree correctly requires a specialist tree company. Sheffield has many, including ourselves. Should you choose Sky High Tree Services & Ground Maintenace to pollard your trees, you can be assured of a personal, friendly and efficient service by our professional tree surgeons. We are fully insured and are known for our efficient and clean working methods. Once pollarded, your tree will need re-pollarding at intervals of 3 to 5 years.

Pollarding Services from Sheffield Tree Surgeons

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